David Arquette Talks Mental Health, SXSW Wrestling Documentary

If the South by Southwest Film Festival had gone on as planned, Sunday night would have been filled with chants of “DAVID, DAVID, DAVID!” as David Arquette walked out for the world premiere of his documentary “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”.

The doc was executive produced by David and his wife Christina McLarty Arquette and directed by David Darg and Price James. It delves into the world of professional wrestling, as Arquette decides to return to the ring after winning the WCW Championship nearly 20 years ago.

Fans of wrestling will remember the moment that shocked the world, as Arquette was promoting his movie “Ready to Rumble” – and then out of no where was standing, belt in hand, champion of the world. To many it was a slap in the face to wrestlers everywhere, to others, we loved it. But, as a result, Arquette dealt with years of bullying and name calling – a factor, among many, that led to a mental health battle.

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Now 48-years-old, Arquette spoke with us about how to best deal with those issues, he explains,
“Don’t beat yourself up, that has been my biggest lesson throughout this process. Try to find gratitude in life. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t torture yourself over them. Balance is the key to everything. There is a lot of stigma around mental health, but I wanted to be open and honest with my own experience. I try to be a good person, and that’s really all I can do.”

The documentary goes through the highs and lows of his life during the past few years, with Arquette telling us, “I did a lot of growing throughout this process but seeing the highs and lows were really humbling. I’m just really grateful for Christina, my wife, and all of the support she gave me in this film and in life. As far as emotions, I experienced them all from nearly losing my life, my marriage, and actually losing a dear, close personal friend (Luke Perry).”

And it was that “losing my life” moment that created headlines around the world. In November of 2018 Arquette took part in a “Death Match” that left him bloodied and in the hospital. And while the outcome was obviously not what he had anticipated, he takes full responsibility, “Everyone was really scared, I was really scared. I want to make it clear, it was my fault. Don’t try this at home. To do any kind of wrestling you need extreme training when it is a hard-core match. It’s incredible dangerous. As far as my friends and family, everyone wants me to stop wrestling, it’s gone too far and maybe it has! (somewhat joking). Ultimately to me it’s homage to wrestling, and a wink and a nod at what Andy Kaufman did but I really did it! (ha!) I want to make it clear; I am actually trolling Andy Kaufman just in case he is not dead. And if he is not dead, I would like to challenge him to an any gender match!”

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And while we were all sad to hear that the SXSW Film Festival wouldn’t be able to showcase “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”, he did manage to have the film premiere in Los Angeles at his home last week. But his thoughts were still with the people affected by coronavirus, “In Austin, we know this was devastating for the community, and we were supposed to host a welcome dinner at Lambert’s ahead of our premiere. Instead we are using that money to have food made for the homeless and donated to a local Austin shelter. I think right now, it’s all about coming together. Personally we are staying home for two weeks, and following all of the CDC’s recommendations. This is a really hard time for a lot of people, we are saying prayers and sending love and helping in any way we can to get through this together.”

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