John Krasinski went to extreme lengths to film “A Quiet Place Part II”.

The actor appeared on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, where he told the hosts there was a moment where he even put his marriage to Emily Blunt on the line.

Krasinski explained, “There’s a scene where I put her in a car and – if you saw it in the trailer – she’s driving up the street. All that is completely, totally real.”

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“And I realized as I was explaining to her all the things that are going to happen, like, ‘You’re gonna hit this pedestrian and then these cars are gonna cut you off. And then a bus is gonna come at you at 40 mph,'” he continued. “That’s all happening to her. And I realized, ‘Oh, my God. I just put my marriage on the line. I might end my marriage in this shot.'”

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Krasinski went on, “I asked her – I said, ‘Do you want to do a rehearsal so you know what’s happening?’ And she said, ‘No… let it be real.’ So, that’s why Emily Blunt actually looks like terrified.”

The star also spoke about how his British accent is terrible during the interview, admitting his kids laugh at him because Blunt pointed out how bad it was to them.

Blunt recently spoke to ET Canada about the stunts she did in the movie.

She shared, “This one was more physical I found, there’s a lot of running.

“So much running, I’m still getting physical therapy on my knee from this film. I remember doing [a] bear trap [scene] and running in bare feet and John’s like ‘can you do a fake stumble?’ so I did and totally jacked my knee. Ridiculous.”