Emily Blunt is left shocked as Ellen DeGeneres’ favourite kid magician Aidan McCann shows her a mind-boggling trick.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Aidan’s Magic Corner”, the 10-year-old from Kildare, Ireland, wows Blunt by making a deck of cards transform in front of her eyes.

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The youngster explains how his nearest and dearest had drawn a pack of cards before he switches it to an actual pack of cards with just a click of his fingers.

He then makes a lollipop out of bubbles after asking Blunt if her kids ever ask her for the candy treats.

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While performing the card trick, McCann even manages to ask the actress a few questions, including whether she’s ever said anything she shouldn’t have said, in reference to her latest film “A Quiet Place Part II”.

Blunt admits she thinks she once swore on “Ellen” but they bleeped it out.