Big Sean Names Dream Workout Buddy: ‘I Want To See If Kevin Hart Is For Real’

Big Sean has made fitness a big part of his life and he is calling out the top dogs of Hollywood.

The rapper has followed through on his 2019 New Year’s Day commitment to make exercise a focus. Sean, 31, sits down with Men’s Health for the magazine’s April issue.

When asked about his dream workout partners, Sean name drops two “Jumanji: The Next Level” stars.

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“The Rock and Kevin Hart,” Sean exclaims. “I know the Rock could beat my a**, but I want to see if Kevin Hart is for real.”

Sean says his newfound focus on fitness has positively impacted many facets of his life.

“You have to make it a priority. This is time to myself. That’s one thing I’ve realized I wasn’t getting enough of,” he says. “More happiness, more money, and the best sex you could ever have. If you want more, you need to do more.”

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He adds that it is even influencing his live performances: “I find myself not running out of breath. I get to deliver words closer to how they sound, as opposed to spitting them out.”

Men’s Health also filmed a special video inside Big Sean’s Gym & Fridge.

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