Treehouse’s Miss Persona has a message about COVID-19 for fans.

In a kid-friendly PSA, Persona and Brandon Bear are “worried” about the virus sweeping the globe after teddy bear kindergarten is cancelled. So while staying inside, the pair chat about all the fun things to do while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

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“Today, we found out Brandon Bear’s teddy bear kindergarten has been cancelled because of a really strong germ called a virus. It’s kind of like having a cold or flu but its spreading to other people and making some people sick,” Miss Persona told viewers in the clip. “We’ve also been told not to visit with Grampy or have playdates with our friends for a little while. Brandon and I are both feeling a bit worried and sad because we’re missing our school friends but you have to stay strong and remember that everything is going to be okay.”

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She later added, “You know, I’m always so amazed how much you can do with just a little bit of teamwork. The doctors say that if we all help out and follow the rules teddy bear kindergarten will open again soon and everything will go back to normal. We just have to be patient and stay calm. It’s times like this where we can help our friends and family, and the whole world, by being helpers in any way that we are able to.”

Kimberly Persona also Skyped with ET Canada’s Roz Weston about her PSA.

“I think it is important to find the silver lining during these moments,” she said referencing being in isolation. “Oh I can get ahead on somethings or I can relax with some of my family.”

The special episode came together in only a few days and while the crew knew they were about to go on hiatus “everyone knew [the PSA]was the right thing and what everyone needed right now.”

“I think everyone knows that everyone needs just a little extra comfort right now,” Persona added.

Miss Persona airs weeknights on Treehouse.