Owen Wilson joined Kevin Nealon on his digital series “Hiking with Kevin” where the two spoke about everything from “SNL” to his big Hollywood break.

Owen, his brother Luke Wilson and director Wes Anderson set off for Hollywood with the plans to make a Martin Scorsese inspired movie but things quickly changed when they started to film “Bottle Rocket”. Most would not compare the film to Scorsese but it did launch Owen, Luke and Anderson’s careers with the style of the film dreamed up by Wes becoming what other filmmakers now try to imitate.

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“[When] it started off, we were trying to make a more Scorsese, edgy movie, and then we just didn’t really have the chops for it,” Owen revealed while on the hike.

Owen continued to say that he wouldn’t even be in entertainment if it wasn’t for being sent to military school.

“It was my roommate at military school who was good friends with Wes Anderson, and that’s how I ended up meeting Wes. So we would’ve never gotten into the entertainment industry,” he told the host after recalling being kicked out of his old school and then being sent to the military school.

He noted, “I got kicked out of school for cheating… I had to ask permission to eat. Before every breakfast and every dinner for that first year as a new cadet, as a rat it was, ‘Excuse me sir, could cadet recruit Wilson OC requests permission to use his hands, utensils, in the preparation, transportation, and consumption of his food and drink?’”

Despite his outgoing personality on screen, Owen said that he won’t do “commencement addresses or ‘Saturday Night Live'” because he gets “too nervous.”

Owen and Anderson have teamed up once again for “The French Dispatch” which is scheduled to be released on July 24.

You can watch all the episodes of “Hiking With Kevin” on YouTube including interviews with Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Kristen Bell and more.