Bryan Adams Keeps The Music Alive With Daily Instagram Performances While Under Quarantine

Bryan Adams wants to keep things positive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every day since the World Health Organization urged members of the public to stay inside and self-quarantine, the Canadian musician, 60, has been lifting the spirits of fans with an intimate concert.

In each of his four mini-concerts, the icon covered a different artist who has inspired him and his career.

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He’s covered John Lennon and George Harrison, as well as Bob Marley and Nirvana, and now Adams is asking his fans for suggestions for his next cover.

Next up, Adams covered Joy Division, “Doom And Gloom” by The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode and a track from his latest album.

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HOUSE ARREST. A song by me from the album “Waking Up The Neighbours”. Who would have thought that we’d all actually be under a sort of house arrest? Not me when this song came out. But us humans are to blame for this covid-19 shit, and until we wake up and stop taking from the animal kingdom, these viruses are gonna keep coming and nature will have its pandemic way. Look up any of the pandemics in the past 1000 years, even the bubonic plague is said to have come from Asia and from animals. Check out my twitter page, read the article from @guardian newspaper about factory farming and the correlation between them and this virus. #covid_19 . It’s sickening. #songsfromisolation #bryanadamswakinguptheneighbours #housearrest #govegan #stopwetmarkets It's a house arrest, everybody run I gotta plead guilty, havin' too much fun This is a house arrest, up against the wall We can't stop rockin' justa havin' a ball We've been wakin' up the neighbours Bouncin' off the walls Hangin' off the ceilings We'll be dancin' in and out of the halls This is a house arrest

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Next up from Adams is Queen, and Papa Michigan & General Smiley.

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This isn’t the first time Adams has performed for Instagram. In fact, while promoting his new album Shine A Light he teased a couple of his new tracks for fans.

Shine A Light is available now.

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Icon: Bryan Adams At 60

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