Adam Lambert’s new album Velvet is inching closer-and-closer with the release of the titular track’s music video.

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Lambert dropped the official visuals for the “Velvet” music video in the early hours of Friday morning in support of the album’s launch. Lambert leans into his queerness, living his best life in an array of incredible outfits.

“The song ‘Velvet‘ was written after I called the project Velvet. The title of the album came first,” the singer told Entertainment Weekly. “I hadn’t finished all of the songs yet but I had probably about eight songs I knew that I was going to go with. I was trying to think of a word that described them all.”

“If I compared it to my previous work, this stuff’s very smooth and I explore different parts of my voice that are a little softer and smoother and slinkier and soulful,” he explained. “I was like, ‘It’s smooth. It’s velvety.’ And I’m like, ‘Ooh, velvet. Well, that makes sense.’”

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Other singles from Velvet include “Feel Something”, “New Eyes”, “Comin’ in Hot”, “Superpower” and “Roses”.