Jimmy Kimmel continues to entertain viewers from the comfort of his own home while self-isolating with wife Molly and their kids, Jane and Billy.

On Friday, he shared his latest quarantine monologue, introducing the idea of “Formal Fridays,” with he and his family putting on their finest duds in order to… hang around the house.

“The idea is to get dressed up as if you’re going somewhere, even though you’re going nowhere,” quipped Kimmel. “It’s the kind of thing they do in prison to keep the inmates from stabbing the guards.”

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Kimmel, sharply attired in a suit and tie, then took some comedy shots at President Donald Trump’s bonkers press conference on Friday, when a reporter asked what the president can tell Americans who are scared in the midst of the coronvirus pandemic. Trump responded, “I’d say you’re a terrible reporter, that’s what I’d say.”

“Well, that’s a weird thing to say,” commented Kimmel after the clip. “And you are a weird man to say it.”

For Friday’s monologue, Kimmel was joined — remotely, of course — by Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vanucci of The Killers, who delivered a musical performance live “from a sterile” location.

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Look for Kimmel to return with a new YouTube monologue on Monday.

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