Jimmy Fallon is joining his late-night brethren by continuing to deliver an “At Home Edition” of “The Tonight Show” while self-quarantining, sharing the videos on YouTube for fans.

Last week, in fact, NBC announced that Fallon’s “At Home Edition” content would be included in the reruns of “The Tonight Show” airing each weeknight, and will spotlight a different charity each night.

Friday’s edition came to viewers from a new location: a tent in his backyard, where he was joined by a pair of special guests: daughters Winnie and Frannie, the latter also providing the artwork for the “Tonight Show: At Home Edition” logo, while both helped out with graphics.

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“I’d like to thank my camera operator, my wife Nancy, who maybe laughed at three jokes this week, so… fantastic. That’s support right there,” Fallon said.

He proceeded to read some monologue jokes from a few sheets of paper, including one about a man in France who ran an entire marathon while quarantined in his apartment. “By the end, his nipples were socially distant from his chest,” read Fallon, cracking himself up.

Later in the 20-minute show, Fallon was also joined by another special guest, rapper J Balvin, who connected via Zoom.

Balvin is amused by Fallon’s location. “Where you at? What’s that room?” he asks, with Fallon explaining “it’s almost like a treehouse room.”

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That explanation gets a big laugh from Balvin, who asks, “Where are you for real? Is that a set?”

“No, I’m not on a set, this is my house,” Fallon insists.

Look more more episode of “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” next week.