Trevor Noah Debuts ‘The Daily Social Distancing Show’ From His Couch

Trevor Noah is giving his fans an update on “The Daily Show” renamed “The Daily Social Distancing Show”.

In a clip posted on his Twitter, he says they “don’t know when they gonna go back to the studio” or “if they are gonna go back to the studio.”

“So what we have decided is to try and make ‘The Daily Show’ from homes,” including producers, writers, the graphic team and more.

And with that, Noah dove head into his show from home where he spoke about the coronavirus “obviously”.

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The news wasn’t all negative, he did share a positive story about a town in Italy that tested everyone and tracked it until they got the number of cases down to zero.

“We need to test as many people as possible,” Noah encouraged. “It shows the key to stopping coronavirus is testing.”

“It is going to all the NBA teams, expect the Knicks. Because not even coronavirus wants to be on the Knicks,” he joked.

During his show, Noah also slammed Trump for being “the only person who could hold a press conference on a pandemic and turn it into a fight about racism.” Once again, Trump has accused by many for being racist after referring to the virus as the “Chinese virus”.

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Noah touched on the border closing between Canada and the United States but wondered if it would work.

“You know Canadians are so polite, I bet if you showed up at the border, they’d still let you in,” he quipped while trying to imitate a Canadian accent.

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