Working from home just got a lot more interesting for one group.

During a Zoom call, one woman, Jennifer, felt the urge to go and clearly forgot to turn off her camera as she pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet.

Jennifer quickly figured out her mistake and turned the camera but by then it was too late. Yet the woman leading the call missed all the commotion.

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“What happened,” the woman asked but the rest of the team didn’t throw the poor Jennifer under the bus and told her just to carry on.

“Oh my god, Jennifer,” said one while another added, “I saw nothing.”

#PoorJennifer quickly started trending on Twitter but as many people pointed out, someone on the call had to have posted this.

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ET Canada has decided to leave the video out with respect to Jennifer.

“This is a private conference call, so one of them had to have recorded this and posted. Why would you embarrass your co worker in front of the whole world? Yall f**ked up. Forreal,” wrote one person.

“The coworker that posted the poor Jennifer video online is an a**hole,” added another and a third person said, “Every single coworker in that video SUCKS not just the person that posted it. They are all weird for not telling her they could see her. #PoorJennifer works with trash.”

Other people tweeted out their support for Jennifer.