Jimmy Kimmel Takes Swipe At Donald Trump, Says Harvey Weinstein Testing Positive For COVID-19 Is ‘Good News’

Jimmy Kimmel discussed Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and others in his latest episode of “Quarantine Minilogue”.

Kimmel took a swipe at the president and his recent tweet about Asian-Americans, using the term “the Chinese virus.”

The talk-show host quipped, “The result of that is an army of imbeciles blaming people of Chinese descent for the virus.”

Trump insisted on Twitter it’s “not their fault” and claimed, “They are working closely with us to get rid of it. We will prevail.”

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Kimmel then hit back, “They are us! It says it right there in the name: Asian-American. It’s the second word.”

“He somehow manages to be racist while telling other people not to be racist,” the star added.

Kimmel also spoke about Harvey Weinstein allegedly contracting COVID-19 in prison.

He shared, “I thought it might be nice to hear some good news.”

Kimmel also discussed social distancing with Bill Burr during the episode. The comedian joked about being “a lot to deal with” while at home with his wife and kid.

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