Lena Dunham is getting creative in quarantine.

The “Girls” star took to Instagram to announce that she is writing a serialized romance that will unfold in chapters. The excerpts will be published on Tuesdays and Fridays on Vogue‘s website. Chapter 1 is available now.

“I know it can get a little stir-crazy, and I think the best way to keep community is through shared storytelling,” she shares.

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Called Verified Strangers, the story follows a frustrated single woman named Ally as she navigates the dating scene in Los Angeles.

“A romance novel is the pulpiest and most distracting fun you can have and a medium I’ve long wanted to work in (probably since I stole Forever by Judy Blume out of my babysitter’s backpack; it’s not Danielle Steele, but it was the sexiest thing I’d ever read.),” she tells Vogue.

Borrowing a page from Choose Your Own Adventure, the story will encourage readers to vote for which suitor Ally chooses and which decisions she makes. Voting will take place on the magazine’s InstaStories.

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“[L]et’s create one together. I’ll write, but you’ll be able to vote and your vote counts. Together let’s try and urge Ally toward the right lover — and connect to each other in the process,” Dunham writes.

“My humble dream is to lift your spirits while we’re #socialdistancing,” she posted on Instagram with project details.

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Right now, we should all be using our unique skills and passions to make this period of time feel a little less lonely. My humble dream is to lift your spirits while we're #socialdistancing (heck, I want to lift my own) and storytelling is the tool I know how to use. So I'm writing an interactive serialized romance novel for @voguemagazine. It’s a fictionalized modern love story called #VerifiedStrangers – A chapter a day, Monday through Friday, for as long as it takes… and you can vote via poll which direction it should go next! First chapter is up now! Read along and let me know which way you want it to go (polls are up on Vogue’s IG stories every Tuesday and Friday) and you will ultimately decide who (if anyone!) our protagonist, Ally, ends up with. I hope you are all safe and sound. Sending love and hopefully some happy entertainment. The link to read along is in my bio! Oh – and ask me questions with the hashtag #VerifiedStrangersOnVogue and I’ll answer some on IG stories and in comments too! Will you tell me what moments made you laugh, cringe or relate? Does Ally remind you of yourself?

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