Seth Meyers Slams Donald Trump’s Reaction To Coronavirus, Has Some Important Words For Anyone Not Staying At Home

Seth Meyers hit out at Donald Trump as he joined late-night hosts in discussing the ongoing coronavirus crisis during his latest “A Closer Look” segment.

Meyers began the clip by saying, “It may be weird to do it from a hallway, but at least I’m not doing it from a public beach,” taking a swipe at all those people who were spotted on beaches over spring break.

The host continued, “’Late Night’ is in quarantine, but we’re still processing the public health crisis, the economic crisis, the crisis of leadership at the federal level – there’s a lot to process.”

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“While the federal government could have been ramping up testing, tracing and quarantining cases, and containing the spread, the president was lying and claiming this was all no big deal,” Meyers added, explaining how Trump previously insisted this was all being blown out of proportion and that the numbers would drop.

Meyers described self-isolation as a “cross between a staycation and a ‘Saw’ movie,” with him also speaking about other countries taking drastic measures to try and stop the spread of the virus.

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He continued, “And yet there are still some people who don’t seem to be taking the situation seriously, particularly young people, who are still crowding beaches and parks.”

Meyers then showed a clip from Andrew Cuomo’s press conference over the weekend, quipping after Cuomo said he’d be heading down to the New York parks himself: “Seriously I would watch an entire after-school special with an undercover Andrew Cuomo posing as a teen skateboarder, trying to bust kids for hanging out in the park.”

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