Jenny McCarthy Touches On ‘Silver Lining’ Of Coronavirus: ‘It’s Giving Us’ Time ‘To Work On Our S**t’

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Walhberg are doing their best to look at the coronavirus pandemic glass-slightly-not-empty.

McCarthy co-hosted Monday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “The Jenny McCarthy Show” with her husband Donnie Wahlberg. The two dished on how self-isolation and social distancing has impacted their family.

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“The silver lining in this coronavirus has been the family time,” McCarthy shared. “It really has been sweet. I’ve really enjoyed everybody in the house. Especially when something scary is going on, to have everyone near you.”

Wahlberg admitted it was difficult to speak on the subject without feeling blues.

“It’s hard to talk about a lot of it and not get down,” he said. “We’re all in this together. Everyone is hurting in some way. Everyone is suffering in some way.”

“Hopefully if anything good can out of all this awfulness in this bizarre time that we’re in is that we can wake up, man,” Wahlberg continued. “We can just wake up and put love first.”

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That is a sentiment McCarthy agreed with emphatically: “It’s giving us an opportunity to work on our shit.”

The celebrity couple also shared the story of their first “I love you.”

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