Andy Cohen is having a difficult time as a parent through the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, the “Watch What Happens Live” host appeared for an interview on SiriusXM to talk about testing positive last week for COVID-19.

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Asked about his 13-month-old son Benjamin, Cohen said, “I’ll tell you what I know from the nanny cam and from video because I can’t see him, which is the very worst part.

“But he’s great and his nanny [tested] negative.”

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Talking about the illness itself, Cohen revealed he has suffered some “horrible” symptoms, including a lack of appetite.

“Two days ago, before I went to bed, I took a shower and I was walking into the shower and I looked at myself and said, ‘Holy s**t, you look great,’ … I saw a picture of a pizza yesterday; I thought, I can’t wait to eat pizza.

Cohen then joked, “When I get better, I’m going to gain so much weight. It’s bound to happen.”