Colin Farrell is more than impressed by child magician Aidan McCann.

In a special digital segment for Ellen DeGeneres, the actor joins the young McCann — a fellow Irishman — for a few card tricks with a side of Irish trivia.

In the adorable clip, Farrell and McCann bond over their shared homeland before the “In Bruges” actor is dazzled by the youngster’s illusions.

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Making the 43-year-old actor pick a card, McCann teases he performs “weak shuffles” when it comes to mixing up the deck of cards.

“That was a choice,” he laughs.

The actor can’t believe his own eyes when McCann continues to nail his tricks, even placing a 50 cent bet on the outcome.

Colin Farrell And Aidan McCann – Sarah Haas/Warner Bros.
Colin Farrell And Aidan McCann – Sarah Haas/Warner Bros.

Joking there’s no way McCann can pull the card he chose out of the deck, Farrell quips, “If it’s the queen of hearts, I am burning you at the stake.”

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The father of two asks McCann’s mom to let him know next time he’s in town so he can come see him perform.

Farrell will next appear in the Disney family movie “Artemis Fowl”, currently scheduled for release in late May.

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