Joshua Jackson Reveals Wife Jodie Turner-Smith Is Due To Give Birth On Thursday

Joshua Jackson is looking forward to welcoming a new baby amid the coronavirus crisis.

On Wednesday morning, the “Little Fires Everywhere” star appeared on “Good Morning America” and revealed that his wife, actress Jodie Turner-Smith, is due to give birth “tomorrow.”

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He explained that they are currently figuring out how to interact with the medical system while under quarantine.

Asked how he and Turner-Smith are keeping busy under self-isolation, Jackson said they started with bingeing TV shows, and have moved on to board games.

“Now there is an ongoing Jenga war in this house,” he joked.

Jackson also revealed that his “Little Fires Everywhere” co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington have been very helpful during the pregnancy.

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“Both of them were incredibly helpful and finding doctors and jobs and finding resources to talk to and frankly leading by example,” he said. “They are not just actresses, but they run their own companies, they’re both mothers, they’ve integrated their family life and professional life in a way that seems very healthy. So just watching how they navigate all of that, because next time I go to work I’m gonna be a daddy.”

Speaking about audience reaction to the show, the actor added, “The reaction is everything we hoped it would be. People really seem to be engaged in the show. I’m actually going to be another one of those viewing parties tonight. I think this might become a thing for the show since everyone is at home anyway. But the reaction is very strong. In a weird way, it’s an amazing time to be releasing a show. I’m grateful to be a part of something that helps take their minds off of what is happening in the world.”

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