One small benefit to the otherwise ravaging effects of COVID-19 is an increase in bath time for P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn.

The athletic couple answered fan questions during an Instagram Live streamed straight from their bathtub. Subban, 30, and Vonn, 35, touched on various topics from their upcoming wedding to how novel coronavirus has impacted sports.

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One topic they spoke extensively about is mental health.

“I’ve definitely struggled with depression in my life and in my career, one thing that’s really helped me a lot is Lucy,” Vonn said of her dog. “I think there’s just a lot to deal with when you’re an athlete.”

“My first kind of understanding of mental health was actually when I met Lindsey,” Subban added. “As you grow older and you meet people and you understand that some of the most successful people in the world… [suffer] from depression… It’s important to have an open mind.”

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Lifelong athletes, Subban and Vonn are looking forward to getting moving once social distancing is no longer necessary.

“I think that sports are really important in life to kind of give us something to look forward to,” Vonn said of the postponement. “I’m really hoping that the Olympics will happen soon.”