Chrissy Teigen Settles Debates On Twitter Ahead Of ‘Chrissy’s Court’ Debut

Fans finally have a sneak peek at Chrissy Teigen’s “Chrissy’s Court”.

The upcoming Quibi series allows regular people to air out their grievances with each other on a big stage – a similar premise to “Judge Judy”, but in a very Chrissy Teigen way.

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“Have you been injured on the job, even if was your own fault? Did your roommate steal your clothes and try to sell them back to you? Did your ex borrow your phone and return it with a cracked screen?” she says in the short teaser. “You may be entitled to a cash settlement.”

She adds, “Call this number and get the justice you deserve.”

Photo: Quibi
Photo: Quibi
Photo: Quibi
Photo: Quibi
Photo: Quibi
Photo: Quibi

With news of the trailer, Teigen took to Twitter to help some of her followers resolve their issues.

“My husband and I have been arguing over weather a hot dog is a sandwich for the last two weeks…it’s not a sandwich. And I’m gonna smother him with a pillow soon over this stress,” wrote one person.

“A hot dog is a hot dog which is a species of sandwich,” Judge Teigen ruled.

Another person tweeted, “My roommate keeps taking facetime calls in the kitchen and livingroom and makes me meet everyone each time. i’m just tryna to make toast.”

Teigen declared, “I *HATE* when people do this. jail time.”


“Chrissy’s Court” is coming to Quibi, a short-form mobile video platform, April 6.
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