Taylor Swift is putting up her own money to help people during the ongoing coronavirus crisis in a very direct and personal way.

The singer has reached out to several fans who are struggling financially amid the outbreak to lend a helping hand, in the form of several thousand dollars.

With the country largely shutting down in an effort to promote social distancing and slow the devastating spread of COVID-19, millions of people are finding themselves out of work and financially unstable.

One woman, a freelance photographer living in New York, took to Tumblr to share a plea for help, explaining that everything she lived for was at stake because she simply didn’t have the resources.

“There are only two things that have consistently provided me with the will to live, two things that have been the reason why I get out of bed in the morning for 10 years: freelance photography and living in New York,” Holly Turner shared in an emotional post. “And both of those things are about to be stripped from me.”

After sharing her Venmo and PayPal links in the hope that anyone might be able to spare some money to keep her dreams alive, Turner was shocked when Swift personally sent her $3,000.

“Holly, You’ve always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now,” Swift wrote in a message along with the donation. “I hope this helps. Love, Taylor.”

“I made a post on tumblr about how i was scared i wouldn’t be able to stay living in NYC because of what corona has done to the music industry. @taylorswift13 literally single-handedly saved my ability to stay here,” Turner wrote, in gratitude. “I cannot even believe my eyes right now.”

Another Swift fan, Samantha Jacobson, also shared a Tumblr post in which she said she wanted to donate to Feeding America — a charity Swift had advocated for on Instagram earlier in the week — but “because of COVID-19 my job, my only source of income, is closed for a minimum of 30 days. I have no job, no income, no way to pay my bills rn. If anyone happens to be able to donate and has it in their hearts to do so, anything really really helps with bills right now.”

In response, Swift reached out to Jacobson directly, messaging her about the best way in which she could transfer $3,000 to her longtime fan in her time of need.

Later, Swift sent the money via a payment app, along with a note that read, “Love you buddy, sending you a hug.”

“SHE CALLED ME BUDDY THE FIRST TIME WE MET TOO I AM HAVING AN ABSOLUTE BREAK DOWN,” Jacobson wrote on Twitter, along with a screenshot of Swift’s message and sizable gift.

Jess Buslewicz also received $3,000 from Swift, sharing the news with RADIO.COM’s Morning MAGIC with David, Sue, & Kendra of MAGIC 106.7 in Connecticut.

“I’ve had a Tumblr account that I’ve had for like six years now I think, and Taylor happens to follow it,” the Swift fan said. “I wasn’t on campus anymore so I couldn’t do two of my campus jobs which were babysitting and tour guide.”

“I basically just posted [on Tumblr] that I was very anxious about the times that were to come and she luckily saw it. One day I was sitting on the couch and I got a PayPal notification that there was $3,000 in my account!” she continued. “There’s a little message with it and at the end she said, ‘p.s. it may be April 1st but this is not an April Fools joke!’ and without that little addendum I think I would’ve been a lot more nervous that it was a joke.”

Swift is one of many stars who are going the extra mile to try and make life better for people during this time of fear and crisis. Check out the video below for more on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

~ With files from ET Canada


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