Reporter Looks Back At Viral Bison Video One Year Later

A TV reporter who went viral by fleeing a herd of bison while filming a news segment is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the video he shared on Twitter.

On March 25 of last year, NBC Montana’s Deion Broxton was filming in Yellowstone National Park when he suddenly spotted a herd of bison approaching.

Broxton, his eyes widening, made a beeline for his car. “Oh my God,” he exclaimed. “I ain’t messing with you.”

A year later to the day, Broxton retweeted his viral video, which has racked up an impressive 14 million views.

“A year later. I get tired of talking about this video. But it’s a reminder of my journey,” he wrote.

“I couldn’t get a job on TV because of my hood/Baltimore accent. I spent thousands on a speech coach. Fast forward, this week I learned I won an award from the Iowa Broadcast News Association,” he added.

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After posting his original video, he followed up by sharing a video of the bison he was evading.

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Viewers were impressed with the clip, with many applauding the reporter’s reaction to the episode.

See some of the response below.

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