Jada Pinkett Smith praised her daughter Willow Smith for shaving her head earlier this month at the Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles.

The pair chatted about the decision during the latest episode of “Red Table Talk”.

As Willow’s exhibit concluded with the 19-year-old doing the deed, Jada insists this is when she “came into a womanhood”.

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Jada shared, “I saw my baby girl transform before my eyes. The first time you shaved your head [was] when you were 12 years old.

“But this time, you came into a womanhood. So, kudos to you.”

Willow replied, “I felt like I was just shedding a lot of history and emotional baggage. Six, seven, years of emotion, I just let it go.”

The exhibit saw Willow and musician Tyler Cole, who gave Willow the haircut, spend 24 hours locked in a glass room at the museum back on March 12.

They were aiming to demonstrate all the stages related to anxiety.

The latest episode of “Red Table Talk” also saw the famous family discuss the coronavirus outbreak. See more in the clip above.