Jimmy Kimmel returned to YouTube on Friday with his second #FormalFriday edition of his at-home version of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

The concept, he explained, is that “you and your loved ones get all dressed up even though you’re not going anywhere. And if you think that sounds depressing now, just wait until Halloween.”

Kimmel went on to share social media posts and videos from viewers who have joined him in their own #FormalFriday celebrations from their homes while self-isolating.

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Kimmel also checked in with sidekick Guillermo and his eight-year-old son Benjy, who were also all dressed up for #FormalFriday.

Kimmel then welcomed his guest, “Canadian television celebrity” Will Arnett, a.k.a. “the only man in lockdown who still has a ginger bronze tan.”

Arnett made a memorable entrance, wearing a Bojack Horseman mask on his head in honour of his animated Netflix series, chatting with Kimmel in character as the equine actor.

Arnett, who passed on the formal attire and instead wore a sleeveless Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, added a new element to the proceedings with his own recorded laugh track, which he played whenever he made a vaguely witty remark.

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Arnett’s laugh track cracked Kimmel up. “Will you wipe that down and mail it to me please,” he asked.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” will return to ABC on Monday night with his first televised quarantine edition, with next week’s guests to include Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Tweedy, Grouplove and more.