Kylie Jenner And Her Friends Play ‘Most Likely To’, Reveal Jenner’s Hidden Talent

Kylie Jenner and her friends got together before everyone was quarantined to film a segment for Jenner’s YouTube page.

Titled “Most Likely To”, Jenner along with Stassie Karanikolaou, Victoria Villarroel and Yris Palmer, held up each other’s giant faces to answer personal questions about one another.

When asked who sends the most nudes, Jenner responded: “I don’t send nudes.” They then all voted Karanikolaou who agreed with the rest of the group before admitting that she and Villarroel have taken some together but are keeping those private.

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“I think we’ve taken nudes together, but not sent them, just for fun,” Karanikolaou said.

It was also revealed that Jenner is a talented twerker.

“People don’t know this about me, though, but it moves,” the beauty mogul noted when the question of who would win a twerking contest came up.

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But it all came to a tie when they tried to figure out who is the best at keeping secrets.

“We all kept [Kylie’s] pregnancy a secret, so …” Palmer said referencing the fact that Jenner kept her pregnancy with Stormi private until announcing she gave birth.

Jenner added, “All of us will keep a secret and not tell anyone. The things that you guys know about me? I can never get rid of you guys.”

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