‘Bored’ Sportscaster Goes Viral With Play-By-Play Commentary Of His Dogs’ Eating Contest

There have been some great sports rivalries over the years, ranging from Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier to the longtime rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Thanks to BBC sportscaster Andrew Cotter, we now have another: Mabel and Olive, two Labrador retrievers who pit their appetites against each other in an eating contest.

On Friday, Cotter — who is self-isolating at home — posted a video of his dogs on Twitter, writing in the caption, “I was bored.”

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As he set up their respective food bowls, Cotter delivered his best sports play-by-play announcing, taking viewers through ever step of the action.

“Well how fitting that it should come down to these two,” he said in his Scottish brogue.

“Olive five-times the champion, Mabel the rising star, winner last year,” Cotter continued. “You can see how excited they are but feel the tension.”

Olive dove right into her bowl, while Mabel took her time before getting started. “That might cost her now having to play catch-up,” Cotter said.

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“Mabel heavy tail use, happy to be alive, everything is amazing,” he described, while noting that Olive is “focused, relentless, tasting absolutely nothing.”

While Olive was ultimately victorious, the real winner was Cotter, who watched his video rack up more than 6.8 million views.

Watch the action unfold below.

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