Robbie Williams is issuing an apology to actress Jane Seymour that’s more than 20 years overdue.

The British pop star, reported the Daily Mail, gave a radio interview this week revealing that he once tried to pass off the lavish home of the “Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman” star as his own when he was featured on an episode of “MTV Cribs” in the late 1990s.

As Williams confessed, he rented out Seymour’s castle, St. Catherine’s Court in Bath, England, so he could pretend it was his home.

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“We didn’t let [Jane] know that I was going to pretend it was my house. And because I was like 23 and full of spunk, I didn’t even consider other people’s thoughts or feelings,” said Williams.

“So I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Jane Seymour,” he added. “There are so many castles in England!”

According to the Mail, Williams went all-out for the ruse, even hiring faux butlers on hand to serve him.

Williams made a subsequent appearance on “Cribs”, featuring his actual home in Los Angeles.