Oprah Winfrey and Alicia Keys sat down on Sunday for a personal talk on her new book More Myself: A Journey, life and how she and her family are doing during the coronavirus outbreak.

The media mogul and Grammy Award-winning singer chatted online from their own homes.

Winfrey questioned Keys on what her family has learned while being under quarantine.

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“I think we are seeing we are very good together, that we have a good flow together. Which I think could change when you are always together in closed quarters. I think all the things you haven’t worked through could come out,” Keys responded.

Their hour-long conversation was broken up by performances on the piano by Keys before things turned to her book and the journey Keys has taken from a young artist to where she is now.

“Nobody knows you better than you. They might know the business better, they might have been in it longer, but no one knows you like you,” Keys said was an important lesson she learned from Winfrey.

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“Oh that was the resounding yes conversation,” Winfrey added. “Isn’t it true that every good decision has come from the gut.”

She also named that they have learned not to take things “for granted” like playdates or interactions with strangers.

“We are hoping you and your family are safe and sound. Remember to be the light,” Keys ended the stream with as Winfrey seconded her. “Be the light.”

More Myself: A Journey will be published on March 31.