Claudia Schiffer is the definition of a supermodel and the icon is now opening up to Elle UK about being one the originals while gracing the mag’s May cover.

The German model, 49, rose to fame in the 1990s and helped shape the fashion world to what it is today.

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“It was insane… like being like a rock star. You couldn’t get to your car unless a path was carved for you. People would cut holes in the fashion tents and try to take pictures of us. We had security at every fashion show,” she told editor in chief Farrah Storr.

There was even security hired to watch her underwear while she was walking the runway.

Schiffer recalled, “When I was out on the runway I’d come back and constantly my underwear would be gone – my bra, my knickers… gone!”

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And while Schiffer had her time in the spotlight, she wouldn’t want to be 20 again.

“I’ve had many wonderful compliments in my time. But then you get to the next stage and you move on,” she revealed. “You don’t have to be called [beautiful] your entire life. It’s a nice memory, but then the next generation starts and you hand over. For me, it’s a natural thing to do… to hand over, to not be envious or jealous. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of anything worse right now than if you said, ‘There’s a magic pill and it’s going to make you look 2O again.'”

Having appeared on over 1,000 magazine covers, Schiffer has pretty much done it all but she does have one project she regrets missing out on.

George Michael’s “Freedom! ’90” music video featured Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Tatjana Patitz, but Schiffer passed on the opportunity.

“Oh, the George Michael video where everyone participated… I was working with a lot of high-end brands at that time and I just thought, that doesn’t fit with the strategy right now. It [missing the opportunity to be in the video] was stupid,” she told the publication.

The May issue of Elle UK is on sale from April 2, 2020.

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