“The Voice” has reached the battle rounds and things were tough for judge Kelly Clarkson.

Her two contestants, Gigi Hess and Micah Iverson, were pitted against each other as they sang Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved”. If there is one thing the two of them proved, it was that neither should be sent home and more duets together should be in their future.

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“Every time I had it figured out who was winning this battle, someone else had a big moment,” fellow judge Blake Shelton said. “Gigi, you hit some notes like a sword, you have an incredible pitch. Then Micah came back with his notes like that and it was really back and forth.”

“I really loved your chemistry together. It was a heartfelt performance,” John Legend added while Nick Jonas felt that Micah “had a bit more confidence.”

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With two votes for Iverson and one for Hess, it came down to Clarkson’s choice.

After complimenting both singers, Clarkson called the choice “the hardest.”

“I almost want both of you to be a duo,” she added before ultimately picking Iverson.