It really is time to come together.

On Monday’s episode of “The Voice”, the Battles round continued with John Legend’s team members Nelson Cade III and Darious Lyles facing off with a Beatles classic.

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The two performed a raucous duet of “Come Together”, complete with incredible vocals and duelling fedoras.

“I love the hat game,” Kelly Clarkson remarked after the performance.

“Hats off to the both of you, literally,” Nick Jonas joked, to which Clarkson responded, “That was a dad joke and you’re not even a dad. That was awesome.”

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Calling it “one of the most entertaining performances we’ll see in this round,” Legend faced a tough decision, eventually picking Lyles as the winner.

But as things seemed over for Cade, Legend chimed in again, “We’re not letting you go that easy.”

The coach used his only save to rescue Cade from elimination, keeping both singers on his team.