John Finlay Of ‘Tiger King’ Opens Up About Joe Exotic In Interview With Jenny McCarthy

Everybody’s talking about Netflix documentary series “Tiger King”, with the bizarre story of zoo-owner Joe Exotic becoming the COVID-19 equivalent of what used to be called a “watercooler show.”

In Tuesday’s edition of Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM talk show, she and husband Donnie Wahlberg spoke with John Finlay, ex-husband of Exotic (whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage).

In the first clip from the interview (above), Finlay discusses why he participated in the Netflix series.

“It was kind of a therapy thing, and a release of built-up resentment and stuff,” he admitted. “That I could actually get out and let the public know the truth.”

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Finlay also had some news for anyone who’s watched his ex-husband’s bonkers music videos. When asked by McCarthy if that was Exotic singing, Finlay revealed, “No, that is not,” he said with a laugh, while Wahlberg remarked that when he saw the videos he thought “that sounds like Travis Tritt!”

While Finlay didn’t recall the name of the person whose voice is actually used, he recalled he came from “Washington state.”

In another part of the interview, Finlay was asked if he felt Exotic winding up behind bars was the right thing.

“You know, Joe did a lot of things and he did a lot of people wrong,” said Finlay, but as for whether Exotic wound up where he was supposed to be, “that’s not for me to say.’

In this clip, Finlay discusses getting sober and putting his “Tiger King” days behind him.

Here, Finlay discusses the last time he spoke with his ex-husband.

In the final clip, Finlay discusses his feelings on the death of Travis Maldonado.

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