Last year, “Game of Thrones” made headlines when viewers noticed a takeaway coffee cup sitting on a table during a scene, while another episode featured a plastic water bottle discreetly tucked beneath a chair. Given that there were neither coffee shops nor plastic in Westeros, the goofs were shared and reshared endlessly on social media.

Now, “Little Women” has been caught with a similar screw-up.

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A sharp-eyed viewer shared a screenshot on Twitter, along with some close-ups, in which a plastic water bottle and a reusable water bottle can both be seen in the background behind Timothee Chalamet’s character.

Another Twitter user did some due diligence to prove that the previously tweeted image had not been Photoshopped, and determined the bottles were indeed accidentally left in the scene.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user made the inevitable “Game of Thrones” comparison.

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