Rick Mercer Returns With An Epic Rant For Canadians About Self-Isolating: ‘Stop Looking For Loopholes’

Canadians have missed Rick Mercer’s presence on TV ever since his “Rick Mercer Report” ended its 15-season run in 2018.

On Tuesday, the Newfoundland-born comedian returned with one of his trademark rants, which, for a change, wasn’t from a grungy, graffiti-filled alley, but from inside his home, where he’s self-isolating.

“And why am I not in my alley? Because there will be people there, and what will they be doing? They’ll be doing what they’re always doing: wandering around, enjoying the magnificent graffiti as if they were in an art gallery,” Mercer ranted.

“And do you know what you don’t do during a pandemic? Visit an art gallery! And I know, technically not a gallery, it’s an alley. Congratulations! You’ve found yourself a loophole,” he continued.

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“People: Stop looking for loopholes. Stop ducking under the police tape. Stop hanging out on narrow pathways. Stop jogging in groups,” he went on, recounting how just yesterday he saw a group of people walking down a street passing around a joint.

“Passing around a joint? Legal? Yes. Stupid? Big time yes. Why not just go French kiss each other, catch your house on fire, and catch your neighbour’s house on fire, too,” he added.

Mercer concluded by noting that 95 per cent of Canadians are “doing the right thing” and following social distancing protocols. “But some of us are bending the rules and it has to stop. Because it is through a loophole that the virus will get in. We can do this, but only together. All of us together. Flatten the curve, plug the holes.”

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