Taylor Swift is a life preserver for the Nashville record store Grimey’s.

Government lockdowns continue to impact businesses. Grimey’s record store in Nashville, for example, has been forced to send employees home in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Enter Swift, who threw Grimey’s a lifeline.

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Swift, 30, is helping to pay all the employees and covering three months of healthcare, as confirmed by Rolling Stone.

“We were very surprised, and I would have to say amazed, that Taylor Swift reached out to us through her publicist to offer some relief during the COVID pandemic,” said Grimey’s co-owner Doyle Davis. “I didn’t even know we were on her radar.”

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“She really stepped up to help after the recent tornadoes that struck Nashville and middle Tennessee and now,” Davis continued. “She’s trying to help a beloved small business in her city.

“This assistance from Ms. Swift helps give us a real shot at coming back on the other side of this.”