Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick were not impressed by one caller’s “Unpopular Opinion” during an appearance on the Radio 1 skit.

Timberlake and Kendrick were getting into the game — Timberlake a little too much some may say, as he even added to the jingle — but got very riled up when one caller said he didn’t understand the hype behind Billie Eilish.

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Timberlake fired back, “She’s the real deal, sir!”

Kendrick added: “Oh, you knew what the reaction was going to be! You’ve played the game well, we’ll give you that.”

Timberlake joked, “Could we go out on a limb and say he’s a bad guy?” before insisting: “Billie Eilish is wonderful in every single way, her voice, her songwriting, her hair, her fingernails.”

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Other “Unpopular Opinions” included “people who drink coffee are weak,” something Kendrick agreed with, and “being short is better than being tall”, again, something Kendrick agreed with.

The actress quipped, “You know who likes short girls? Short guys. You know who else likes short girls? Everyone.”