Jonathan Van Ness Offers Advice To People Who Want To Cut Their Hair While Social Distancing: ‘Just Don’t Do it!’

“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness has warned people against cutting their own hair amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Although most salons and barbershops are now closed due to temporary business restrictions, the hair expert has advised against any home-scissor action.

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Joining Jimmy Fallon via video chat, for his second instalment of “The Tonight Show: Home Edition,” 33-year-old Van Ness warned: “I think the most important advice is to not. It’s just to not do it. Just don’t do it!”

Instead, the TV grooming expert advised people to try out a new look for the duration of the current isolation period.

He continued: “You know, the average human head grows between a quarter of an inch and a half an inch of hair a month. So, worst case scenario, this is going to give you like — what — two-inches, three-inches of hair. It’s like, try a new look.”

“Maybe you need a shag; maybe you need a new little bit of length. Yeah, like, save your haircuts. Because what you don’t want to do is mess up your hair so bad that you’re still growing that thing out after the quarantine.”

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Van Ness also discussed his first children’s book “Peanut Goes for the Gold”, which follows a guinea pig who dreams of becoming a gymnastics champion.

He added: “I think I would have been very comforted as a child if I was able to have known that there was a non-binary guinea pig who was going to seize a medal at the junior national championships.”


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