Jesse Tyler Ferguson Tries To Prank Eric Stonestreet On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ — But It Doesn’t Go As Planned

Jesse Tyler Ferguson may have thought he was pranking Eric Stonestreet in a new “Jimmy Kimmel!” skit, but it was actually the other way around.

Ferguson explained on camera how Stonestreet had been pranking him for 11 years, and now it was payback time.

However, little did he know, Kimmel was in on the whole thing and was actually helping them prank one another.

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Ferguson was going to hook a forklift up to Stonestreet’s “Modern Family” trailer while he was still in it, while Stonestreet explained that his co-star was actually sitting in an earthquake simulator, not just your average trailer watching all this unfold.

Post-“earthquake”, Ferguson left the simulator only to have Stonestreet greet him outside.

He screamed, “Why would you turn this around on me? This is not fair!

“I should’ve known when you were talking about diarrhoea,” Ferguson added of Stonestreet previously complaining about his stomach in his trailer.

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Ferguson later added, “You are all terrible people! I was so excited to get him,” before telling Kimmel: “F**k you Jimmy!”

“Modern Family” is set to wrap up its 11-season run on Wednesday with a two-part finale.

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