Arisa Cox Talks ‘Big Brother Canada’ Donation To COVID-19 Response Efforts: ‘The Real Superheroes Are The People On The Front Lines’

“Big Brother Canada” host Arisa Cox is discussing the unprecedented end to season 8.

Speaking with ET Canada‘s Carlos Bustamante via Skype, the mother of three admits that this season was “one of the weirdest, most bizarre” she’s ever been a part of — and not just because production was forced to cease due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“We had somebody leave the game — shout-out to Nico — we had Jamar and Kyle, two huge personalities in the house… removed from the game, Carol was trying to leave the game,” Cox laments.

“I cannot believe how everything went down. But I mean, the episode last night, it was so emotional.”

If there’s a silver lining in all of this, it’s certainly the show’s donation to the fight against coronavirus.

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“I think it was only right to donate that $100,000 grand prize to the COVID-19 response effort,” Cox asserts. “This is a superhero season, and one thing that this crisis has shown the world is that the real superheroes are the people on the front lines in the healthcare industry, and the first responders and the people who are still going to work to make all of this work for everyone else.”

“These are the superheroes that we want to be highlighting the most,” Cox continues. “I think everyone understood that.”

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