Keith Urban Drops New Music Video For Catchy Track ‘God Whispered Your Name’

Keith Urban just dropped his new music video for “God Whispered Your Name”.

In the video, Urban belts out the track in a dark and lonely warehouse before he finds his way into the sunlight.

Lyrics include, “Suddenly I wanna live / More than I ever did / I’m never gonna be the same / When God whispered your name.

“I can see the sunshine / For the first time in a while / Girl, it’s like I’ve been baptized / By the warmth of your smile / Well, call it fate or faith or call it crazy either way / It’s amazin’, amazin’ grace.”

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Urban tells Billboard about filming the video: “That dark and lonely place was underneath a warehouse in Nashville — literally the darkest, dank, and smelly place.

“We spent the whole morning there shooting everything that you now see in the first part of the video.”

“Playing guitar atop a boulder is definitely not a great idea. You just kinda lose yourself in what you’re doing, and every minute or two you realize what you’re doing, and you think, I better not fall off this big a** boulder,” Urban continues.

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“For me, a good music video takes the song to another level. It maybe gives the song a bit more dimension and hopefully we’ve done that with this one.”

To see the behind-the-scenes making of the “God Whispered Your Name” music video, check out the clip below:

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