Zac Efron sure can take the heat.

The “Killing Zac Efron” star is on the new episode of First We Feast’s YouTube series “Hot Ones”, talking about his career while eating progressively spicier wings.

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Looking back on his role in “Baywatch”, the actor admits he never wants to be that fit.

“I realized when I was done with that movie, I don’t ever want to be in that good a shape again,” he says. “It was so hard.”

Complex Networks / First We Feast
Complex Networks / First We Feast

Efron also shares the story of eating pancakes at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house and getting advice from him about dealing with the paparazzi.

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DiCaprio told him, “Frankly, you’re getting it a little bit different,” commenting that Efron had it worse than he ever did.

“Don’t worry about it, man,” DiCaprio added. “You’re good.”