Miley Cyrus is all loved up on boyfriend Cody Simpson.

During Thursday’s episode of her Instagram live series “Bright Minded”, the couple talked about the Australian crooner’s upcoming poetry book, Prince Neptune, even reading one of the passages – about Cyrus.

“You’re going to get even weirder now,” Simpson told the millions of livestreamers. “Guys, so basically I’ve got one of the poems in this book is about Miley. I’m going to read it for you right now.”

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“In the ancient night, she flies once more back to her home in the stars. I try to chase her there but fall short because I cannot breathe up that high in the radiant heavens where she lingers. I can only admire her from below, humble, starry-eyed poet with the desire for that which is most beautiful. And she is most beautiful. All other…” he read before being interrupted by Cyrus. “Sleep in winter forests, but she is the one who swims in the sun and doesn’t burn up.”

“BAAAABE,” Cyrus said blushing. “I’m freaked! I’m the most beautiful?”

“You’re the most beautiful, babe,” he replied.

Cyrus also got the chance to shave Simpson’s head.

In a speed up video posted on his own Instagram, Cyrus starts the process of shaving off his hair before someone else steps in and finishes the job.