Steph Curry is getting into social media in a big way, and he’s got Kevin Hart teaching him the ropes.

According to a tweet the NBA great sent out on Thursday, he was starting a new vlog, and enlisted Hart to help him out.

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“Before we started socially distancing, @KevinHart4real dropped some wisdom and taught me how to vlog at a @jpmorgan @Chase event where we opened up about our ups/downs w/ money in hopes of inspiring kids,” the NBA great tweeted.  tweeted. “So w/o further ado, I present my 1st ever vlog .”

As Curry begins speaking into the camera, Hart is a hilarious taskmaster. “Your energy is too low. Raise your energy,” he yells. “It’s your vlog, not mine. I’m here to make sure you do it right.”

Hart can’t believe that Curry has no idea what he’s doing. “This is so stupid that you don’t know how to do this,” he declares.

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Curry thinks he’s come up with a name for the vlog, telling Hart he’s thinking of calling it the Curry Crew. “How about the Curry Crew Necks?” Hart suggests.

Ultimately, Hart congratulates Curry, telling him, “you knocked your first vlog out of the park.”