Chantal Kreviazuk Talks New Album, Life In Isolation With Family

Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk is breathing a sigh of relief.

Joining ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey for a video chat earlier this week, the “Before You” singer was ill and experiencing symptoms that have been associated with COVID-19; she was awaiting test results at the time.

Describing her symptoms as feeling “like a piano on my chest”, Kreviazuk says she’s been suffering from a low-grade fever for two weeks.

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“I can’t breathe. It’s very stressful and then I’ll feel like,  I’ll cough it up but then it doesn’t. It’s very aggressive and clamps down on me. And it’s relentless. It’s a very stubborn, stubborn cough for me,” she says. “I’m fighting it so hard by myself but it’s rather exhausting. It’s tiring and it’s a mental force on me.”

But now, the musician is happy to share her results, telling ET Canada she’s tested negative for COVID-19.

While she may be in the clear for the coronavirus, Kreviazuk is spending time at home in isolation with husband Raine Maida and their three sons: Salvador, Lucca and Rowan.

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“I noticed we’re all having dinner together just one meal and that’s wonderful and other than that it’s kind of casual with the food and helping ourselves,” she says about life at home. “Raine makes a breakfast for the boys and I make coffee for us. I’m seeing a little sort of schedule unfold. Then there’s also a transition into creating structure.”

Part of that structure includes making sure the kids are getting physical exercise and everyone adjusts to the “new normal”.

“I’m in a house full of alphas, it’s all boys and me. Can you imagine? The boys are not easily being told this is what we are doing but we are saying you must be physical in some way today, like do something for your physical health, so they’re doing that at some point,” she adds.

Kreviazuk has another reason to celebrate: a new song and album.

“I would call it my least second-thinking album. Like my most flowing…free-flowing album,” she explains.

The album’s first single, “Get To You” is out today.

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“We’re going to do what’s called a waterfall release of the second one, ‘Love Gone Insane’ and that will be on April 17,” she says. “So it’s just really quick after the first one and then come May or June, beginning of June, late May, the whole album will be available.”

Kreviazuk will perform her new single live for the first time on Instagram and chat with fans on Friday, April 3 at 7 p.m. ET/ 4 p.m. PT.

Listen to “Get To You” below now.



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