Canada’s own Kelly Prescott, Andrew Hyatt, Shawn Austin, JoJo Mason, and Kristin Carter are keeping fans entertained in self-isolation.

After watching Netflix’s binge-worthy docuseries “Tiger King”, the country stars came together to perform a rendition of Joe Exotic’s ballad “I Saw A Tiger”.

Exclusively premiering the music video with ET Canada, the singers put on their best “Tiger King”-inspired apparel while belting out the now-iconic song.

The track features incredible lyrics, including, “Tell all the hunters to lay down their guns/Tell them that the tiger needs a little bit of love,” and, “Stand back and marvel at the beautiful cat.”

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Speaking with ET Canada about the release, Kelly Prescott reveals how the project came together, admitting this was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with her friends and fellow country artists.

“Like every quarantined Canadian with too much time on their hands, I started watching the show last week and it’s just so fascinating,” says the singer. “I thought, What better way to do our first collaboration together. They all have a great sense of humour.

“I wrote them this ridiculous email and just thought, They’re probably gonna think I’m insane. I said, ‘Let’s do ‘I Saw A Tiger’ and we’ll dress up and we’ll each send in our audio and video clips,’ and I couldn’t believe it but they were all on board — I’m not the only maniac.”

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Prescott admits this was the perfect quarantine activity to keep her busy, telling us, “This has been fun, it’s good to have something to do because I was supposed to be on tour this entire month and it’s been hard not being out playing music. To still have a little something to do has been really special.

“All the footage came to me so I got to see it first and it was just, I was crying laughing at some of this stuff, I’m definitely happy about it.”

Prescott, 30, says “I Saw A Tiger” was the obvious song to cover from Joe Exotic’s wide range of country ballads: “We could’ve done ‘Here Kitty Kitty’, but it felt like the slower tempo was just a way to make it so cheesy. It worked out that there were five of us and the way the verses were split up, it was just so perfect, meant to be.”

When she’s not “rocking a mullet” covering the Tiger King, Prescott is busy working on her own material. The singer’s new EP Love Wins is available now, which chronicles her emotional journey through divorce and finding love again.

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My new EP, Love Wins is out! I can’t believe this day is finally here. For a while it felt like it may never come. I have so many people to thank. First and foremost, my brother @kaylenprescott I’m so proud of what we made. We wanted to create something real and raw. I didn’t want a perfectly polished record. I wanted to showcase these songs in the most honest way possible, with my band, recorded to tape with a live feel. Kayl not only understood my vision, but he brought it to life. I didn’t want these songs hiding behind a big production. Thank you for being my go-to on everything and for pouring so much of yourself into this project. Your time and effort are appreciated more than I probably tell you. Kayl not only produced this, but he also took the photos & designed the graphics. This was a labour of love for many of us. It would mean the world to me if you took 21 minutes to listen to the little EP that was a really huge undertaking. Thank you. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #lovewins #newmusicfriday

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“I kind of hit rock-bottom and picked up the pieces again and fell in love,” she explains. “This whole EP is sort of following that journey.”

Prescott’s latest single “Church” is a vulnerable and honest song about divorce and going your separate ways after building a life together.

“It’s about splitting up everything you made together — the family, friends — it’s a pretty sad song but people are relating to it a lot,” shares Prescott. “A lot of people have been through a bad breakup, a separation, a divorce.”

Prescott adds: “I’m really, really proud of this EP, it’s such a personal one for me. I’m happy I got this music out.”

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