Jimmy Fallon Gets Trolled By Gary His Dog

Jimmy Fallon welcomed a very special guest to Thursday’s edition of his “At Home” edition of “The Tonight Show” — his dog, Gary.

Gary, as it turned out, appears to be a female, and can also talk. As Gary and Fallon discussed self-quarantining at home, he asked if the dog had seen any good shows lately.

“I’ve been watching this new one, ‘Squirrel Outside the Window’,” Gary replied. “Super binge-worthy. Can’t wait to see what the squirrel does next.”

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Fallon next Gary to single out the family pet’s favourite member of the family. “[Jimmy’s wife] Nancy [Juvonen],” Gary quickly replied. “Boom, that was easy.”

Gary also singled out the highlight of the quarantine so far.  “Probably when I snuck a bite of chicken from the table,” but fired back when Fallon offered a scolding: “Don’t ‘bad dog’ me. I see the way you snack at 2 in the morning. I see everything in this house. Just keep the chicken coming, joke boy.”

Fallon’s next question was whether Gary had any big projects coming up. “Knocking over your glass with my tail, pulling the stuffing out of toys and I think I might have something going on with Quibi. No big deal.”

Finally, Fallon asked Gary if the dog had any shout-outs to send. “Yeah, I’d like to give a shout-out to everyone working through this pandemic.”

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While Fallon assumed Gary was talking about him, the dog set him straight. “I’m talking about all the real heroes, all the nurses and doctors and people working in grocery stores and the delivery men and women. They’re risking their lives to save ours.”

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