Miley Cyrus Pays A Virtual Visit To Fallon, Talks ‘Bright Minded’ Instagram Show And Which Of Her Songs Are Still Bangers

Miley Cyrus Zoomed into the “At-Home” edition of Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” on Friday, and joked that she was after his job now that she’d launched her own Instagram talk show, “Bright Sided”.

Admitting it was “crazy” because it’s “just an Instagram Live,” Cyrus was kind of amazed that “everyone’s been calling it a show.”

According to Cyrus, she gets more of an adrenaline rush from hosting “Bright Minded” than she does from performing onstage.

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“It’s just, the back and forth, and all of a sudden you have your idea, you have your planned questions, all those things, but it never goes in that direction because people say something wonderful that’s more interesting than what you wanted to ask them,” said Cyrus, whose interview was crashed by her 14-week-old dog, who’s apparently figured out how to open doors.

In another part of the interview, Cyrus answered fans’ Twitter questions and revealed which of her songs she still considers to be bangers. Watch:



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