Members of the “Avengers” family came out in full force to wish Robert Downey Jr. a happy birthday.

As in years past, the cast of the “Avengers”, which filmed the franchise together for years, all turned to social media to wish RDJ well on his 55th birthday.

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Downey himself posted a birthday message, sending his gratitude to all the healthcare workers, first responders, and more fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

He also expressed the honour of sharing a birthday with poet Maya Angelou.

Paul Rudd posted on his Instagram Stories. “You’re 55?! That’s insane, you look great,” he teased.

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Mark Ruffalo added:

Taika Waititi isn’t part of “Avengers” but he is writing the next “Thor” film, “Thor: Love And Thunder”. He wished Downey Jr. the best along with the wrong picture.

The “Dolittle” star even had his own message. “Thanks to everyone who put a smile on my face today. There’s a lot of you out there…” he wrote.