Parents working from home right now can definitely feel this U.K. politician’s pain.

Anneliese Dodds, who is currently serving as shadow chancellor of the exchequer, was chatting to Sky News’ Kay Burley Monday when her three-year-old daughter Isabella gatecrashed the interview.

Dodds had been discussing the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis when the door opened behind her and in walked the toddler.

Dodds had been sharing: “We need to get to the best possible situation for dealing with the virus and then ensuring we have that economic support there for businesses and individuals that they need at this time.”

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Burley replied, “Somebody wants to come and say hello to you while you’re on the telly. We’ve seen this before haven’t we… she’s welcome any time on the program.”

Dodds later said, “I thought she was going to stay asleep, sorry… so embarrassing. She’s thankfully under the chair now.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a similar thing happen during a serious live TV interview, with political scientist Robert Kelly, a.k.a. BBC Dad, famously having his interview interrupted by his children back in 2017.

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